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EM Emerson Art

Hi, I’m Eileen-Marie Emerson, an artist, illustrator, and designer living near the sea in beautiful Northern Ireland.

Art has always been my way of connecting with myself and the world. I vividly remember the day I fell in love with watercolour pencils in school. It sparked my lifelong passion for art.

I've studied creative and design disciplines and now juggle being a mum and my designer job with creating art. For over a decade, my art has had emotions, memories, and stories woven into each piece.

I believe that every space should have a touch of colour and a story to tell. My art, filled with vibrant watercolours and mixed media, brings Northern Ireland's stunning landscapes to life. These landscapes connect people to the beauty of this place and to the warmth of home. Or they alternatively tell a cherished family member or friends tale through a portrait, an heirloom to last for years.

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Looking for something unique or a meaningful gift? Let's work together on a commission. Reach out, share your ideas, and let's create something that resonates with you.

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