How to successfully display your piece of art with these five simple tips…

How to successfully display your piece of art with these five simple tips…



Hanging paintings involves harmonisation of space, colour and proportion. Beautifully framed original art (or prints) can provide a striking focal point in your home. Some ideas to consider include:

  • Hanging works together that contrast and compliment each other.

  • Highlighting a beautiful feature in your home such as a fireplace, double height ceiling, or even a free standing bath.

  • Complimenting your interior design with wall art that is in-keeping with your colour scheme.

  • Brightening up a dark space or bringing pops of colour to a minimal space.

  • Alternatively go all out and completely fill a room floor to ceiling with your favourite works.v

  1. Don’t place your piece of art too high on the wall - the ideal height is somewhere around eye level if there are no items of furniture below it. With the centre of the picture being at about 5ft from the floor.

  2. Hang a painting with proportion and balance in mind. For example if you have a large space to fill don’t leave too much space around the art piece (consider using a single, large work or a collection of smaller pieces to fill the space).

  3. Hanging a collection? Help yourself by arranging the display on the floor in your preferred pattern first before hanging.

  4. For safety, and to allow your art works to remain aligned, always use two hooks with hanging string on the back of the artwork frame.

  5. Use a spirit level to make sure your paintings are level (keep in mind some ceilings and walls are not always level). Trust how your eye sees it!

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