Collection: Island of Ireland Prints

The Island of Ireland has an abundance of natural beauty which inspires me to paint it. To show its character through colour, texture and vibrancy. So you can bring the outdoors in, or should you live farther away to bring a little bit of Ireland home with you.

Each piece of art work has been lovingly created through the process of using black line ink work to define the scene.  Adding layers of vivid watercolour washes to achieve a beautiful saturated colour palette. Building up even more layers of interest and depth with pastels, then a final flourish of gouache highlights to make everything pop.

  • Fine art quality prints
  • Printed on high quality paper
  • Made in Ireland

“I love it - I’ve been looking for a painting of my local area for ages now - and as soon as I spotted this one I knew it was the one I wanted! Very excited to get it up on the wall!”

a happy customer